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Hydroponics Top Feed Microgarden 14" X 30"

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This Microgarden" Top Feed hydroponics grow system uses the Drip method for more precise waterings and a more consistent level of oxygen to the root zone. Great for hydroponic garden growing with Ready Gro Soilless Organic Media or Rockwool. This hydroponics grow system comes complete with pump, pots, nutrients, grow substrate, timer and pH kit. The Microgarden hydroponic grow system also offers a 10 gallon reservoir. The Microgarden" is 14" X 30". More Info>

Experience faster growth rates, higher yields, increased nutritional value, heightened fragrances and ease of maintenance with the fully automated Microgarden" hydroponics systems. Grow large in a small space with the perpetual growth machine. The Microgarden" provides an effective and automated method to provide your plants optimal levels of water, nutrients and oxygen for rapid growth and higher yields. Perfect for growing numerous lush green healthy fruits, flowers vegetables and culinary herbs in a small area. Hydrogardening is the smart choice for year round gardens indoors or out. Grow plants without soil and achieve a greater bounty of fresh fruits, flowers, vegetables, and herbs over conventional gardening methods. Hydrogardening is fun, simple and easy to maintain.

The Microgarden" nutrient reservoir contains a mineral rich nutrient solution. Periodically, the nutrient solution is pumped up to the top grow tray that waters and nourishes the plants. The grow media and roots are adequately hydrated and the timer will shut off the pump. The solution drains back to the reservoir, and the process starts all over again in a few minutes or a few hours later. To maintain the hydrogarden simply top off water, add nutrients at half strength, adjust pH to 6.0 and change reservoir every few weeks.

Comes Complete with:
Reservoir and top tray
Instruction manual
Plumbing fittings
Starter cubes
Energy efficient pump
Grow media
Power Series nutrients
Pure Blend organic nutrient supplement

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