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500 Watt Dual Spectrum Assembled Ballast

Click to enlargepad***This item has been discontinued by the Manufacturer***
Click here for the 800 Watt Dual Spectrum Ballast.

The 500 Watt Super Spectrum assembled ballast from Sunlight Supply combines Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium in one ballast for true full spectrum lighting. To truly get full spectrum light, the blue spectrum of metal halide must be blended with the red spectrum of high pressure sodium. When this is done, the spectrum of the fixture is unparalleled by any single lamp source. This Super Spectrum ballast runs both Metal Halide (250W) and HPS bulbs (250W) at the same time to achieve true full spectrum lighting. Includes dual spectrum remote ballast, two lamp cords and socket assemblies and power cord. Add optional single or double integrated intermatic timer to this full spectrum ballast. Purchase Super Spectrum reflector and 250W HPS & 250W Metal Halide bulbs separately. Save when you buy a complete Dual Super Spectrum grow light system that includes reflector, HPS & Metal Halide bulbs and dual ballast.

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Sunlight Sun System VII 500 Watt Super Spectrum Assembled Ballast
Ballast Specifications
High quality multi-volt major U.S. brand remote ballast
Runs both 250W HPS & 250W Metal Halide lamps
Wired for 120 volt (Other voltages available - click here)
Die Cast Aluminum with white powder coat
Aluminum heat sync ballast enclosure
Heavy duty key-way handle
6ft. grounded power cord and 15 ft. detachable lamp cord
Rubber feet to reduce noise and provide air flow for cool running
Back lit On/Off switch
UL & CUL Listed
Completely assembled
Optional Single or Double Intermatic Timer
Optional Accessories (sold separately)
Single Intermatic Timer. Ballasts are operated from the same timer so both lamps
   come on and off at the same time.
Double Intermatic Timer. Each ballast has its own timer, so lamps can be operated  independently
250W HPS Bulb
250W Super Metal Halide Bulb

Dual Spectrum Reflector
Warranty 5 year rebuild or replacement

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