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????Find metal halide Aquarium light bulbs including Ushio, BLV, Eye, Radium & Venture. We carry 175, 250 and 400 Watt mogul base metal halide aquarium bulbs and double ended HQI lamps. These top quality aquarium lamps are ideal for our selection of aquarium lighting reflectors, hoods and ballasts.
???Metal Halide bulbs are rated in Kelvins. The 'k' stands for Kelvin (a measurement of temperature), and is a reference to what we perceive when we look at a heated black body (a star is a common example). The K rating in a lamp model is a generalized form of addressing the color output of a lamp, also known as the Correlated Color Temperature (CCT). The hotter the k temperature gets, the bluer. You should always choose a bulb with a kelvin rating that is at least 6500K. Kelvin ratings that are lower that this are going to emit a yellow light that is not visually appealing. ??We carry only the highest quality metal halide lamps on the market from many different manufacturers such as Radium, Ushio & Eye Iwasaki insuring the lamp has been tested, and is represented accurately as color temperature. As industry standards have yet to be instituted, it's the best way we can quantify the appearance of the light. 10k lamps seem to be a nice crisp white, while higher k can go from a blue/white to very blue and lower k seem more like that of sunlight (6500k). Metal Halide aquarium bulbs go up to 20,000K providing the bluest light.

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