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   We carry electronic and fluorescent ballasts from Icecap & Universal. Icecap's high quality ballasts include Icecap 430 VHO, 660 VHO, 175W & 250W Electronic Ballasts.
  Icecap ballasts use 40% less electricity and burn 40% brighter than other aquarium ballasts. IceCap Model 660 offers unique circuitry that prevents premature lamp burn out and fading. Use the 660 ballast to run VHO, HO, and standard lamps in any combination.
  We also carry T5 program rapid start electronic balasts from Universal Lighting. The Triad T5HO electronic ballast from Universal features an end-of-lamp-life shutdown circuit with an auto reset feature that allows new lamps to operate when installed without having to cycle the input power.

Icecap Electronic & Fluorescent Ballasts
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