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???We carry a wide selection of Metal Halide and Fluorescent Aquarium Lighting Systems from Sunlight Supply for your reef, saltwater or marine aquarium lighting tanks. Choose from complete metal halide aquarium lighting systems or select your components by choosing a metal halide ballast, icecap fluorescent ballast reflector and light bulb separately. We also carry high quality Radium, Ushio and Eye aquarium light bulbs.
??Sunlight Supply's new line of T5 high output fluorescent aquarium lighting systems have a sleek profile at just 2?" high. Choose from 2, 4, 6, & 8 lamp configurations. This T5 fluorescent aquarium lighting fixture includes a solid state electronic ballast that does not emit heat, noise or vibration. Includes 2 power switches for better lighting control. Choose from a complete selection of German ATI Sun, Aquablue, Blue and Actinic or domestic fluorescent T5 HO aquarium light bulbs.
???Find aquarium lighting systems to accommodate all size aquarium tanks, from the smallest tanks, to the largest public aquarium displays. Aquarium Lighting can be very subjective, with recommendations varying according to personal taste, intended livestock and affordability. Use one lamp for every 24 square inches in the tank. So for a tank 48 inches long, 20 inches deep and 20 inches tall, two 250 Watt aquarium lighting systems would be a sufficient although higher wattages can be used.

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Metal Halide & T5 Fluorescent Aquarium Lighting
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