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SUN-A-LUX Full Spectrum & 10,000 Lux Combo Light Therapy Box

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American Environmental's combo light therapy box helps those with Seasonal Affective Disorder also known as the winter blues, winter depression or seasonal depression. This combo light therapy box combines the best Full Spectrum bulbs with the best 10,000 Blue-Lux" bulbs making this state-of-the-art unit very powerful. The Blue-Lux" technology combines a specific wave length in the Blue Spectrum with high intensity to produce a faster and stronger response to light than all other 10,000 lux and Full Spectrum Light Boxes. With typical light therapy products, a person has to sit within 2 feet of the source for light therapy for a period of 30 minutes to 2 hours. With the new Blue-Lux technology, we have incorporated it into the 10,000 lux bulbs so one simply has to be in the room to benefit. If you were in a 10 x 10 room you'd receive the benefits simply from walking around the room. No longer does one need to sit directly in from of the light therapy source to receive the benefits. This light box is extremely quiet and there is no hum or flicker. Choose from three light settings: Full Spectrum, 10,000 Blue-Lux", or both at the same time. This combo light therapy box comes complete with 2 - 10,000 Lux bulbs, 2 Full Spectrum bulbs, carrying handle, a six-foot, three-wire cord with grounded plug and on/off switch.

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SUN-A-LUX® 10,000 Lux & Full Spectrum Combo Light Therapy Box
Description 10,000 Lux System/ Full Spectrum Combo System
Lamp/Bulb Bulbs Included: Two 82 C.R.I. 5000K, Balanced Blue Spectrum 10,000 lux rated Bulbs AND
Two 98 C.R.I 6500K, Full Spectrum Bulbs

Three light settings: Full Spectrum, 10,000 lux, or Both at the same time
Ballast State-of-the-art electronic ballast providing quiet, flicker-free usage
Shielding Internal and External Radio frequency shielding
Dimensions 24" Height X 12" Width X 5½" Deep
Lens Parabolic
Housing/Color Steel with high-color-spectrum reflective white baked enamel finish
Cord Three wire cord with grounded plug and on/off switch
Weight 16 lbs
Listings UL approved
Warranty 5 Year Limited Warranty

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