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     Full Spectrum Lighting provides individuals with the feel of natural sunlight. These Natural Desk Lights combine the highest Full Spectrum available and the latest in electromagnetic shielding. Full spectrum lighting has been shown to help those affected with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).
  Research shows that light has a biological effect on brain hormones and function. People with SAD have a disturbance in the "biological clock" in the brain that regulates hormones, sleep and mood, so that this clock "runs slow" in the winter. The bright light may help to "reset the clock" and restore normal function. Other theories are that changes in brain chemical (neurotransmitter) function, particularly serotonin and dopa-mine, may be disturbed in SAD, and that these neurotransmitter imbalances are corrected by light therapy and/or anti-depressant medications. Still other scientists believe that patients with SAD have reduced retinal light sensitivity in the winter that is corrected by light therapy.

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Full Spectrum Natural Desk Lighting
More Info FREE GROUND SHIPPING on orders over $100.00 - Ends June 30th  More Info
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