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       Sunlight Supply's garden lights are all plug and play. Simply hang the fixture, plug it in and you are ready to grow. These garden lights come in Metal Halide 175, 250 & 400 Watts and HPS 150 250 & 400 Watts. The garden lights are stylish with sleek lines and black textured powder coating finish. This grow light fixture offers excellent average foot-candle levels and uniformity.
Garden Light systems have a 95% reflective aluminum insert (imported from Europe) offering the best diffusion and reflectivity properties available. All gardenlights include everything you need: reflector with ballast enclosed, light bulb, protective glass and power cord. Garden lights are designed to accommodate an optional vent adapter for exhausting heat from within the reflector into the growing area or outdoors.

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Sunlight Supply Garden Lights 150 - 400 Watts
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