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???Find hydroponics supplies including Hydroponic gardening systems, pH Meters, Ventilation Fans, Organic Nutrients and Plant Grow Lights. We carry top quality hydroponics products from Sunlight Supply, Hanna Instruments, Oakton, Fox Farm & Dayton Fan Company.
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Hydroponics growing is the process of growing plants without soil. Plants must get their nutrients from nutrient solutions added to water. Because there is no soil in the growing process the hydroponics systems need to allow the bare root system maximum exposure to the nutrients. Some sort of growing medium such as a hydroponics garden is often used for to aid in moisture and nutrient retention in hydroponics growing. The hydroponics system needs a continuous flow of nutrients to prevent drying out the plant roots.
?? Plants also need an energy source such as natural light or artificial lighting from grow lights for optimal plant growth.
?? Sunlight Supply manufactures top quality plant grow lights at affordable prices to assist with your
hydroponics growing.
??Optimal plant lighting is full spectrum lighting that can be achieved using Metal Halide and HPS lights. Click here to learn more about plant grow lights or click here to compare grow lights.

Hydroponics Gardening Systems, Nutrients, Meters & Accessories
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